The Next ‘Next Level’ Membership Orientation

  • New members and prospective new members are held in very high esteem at The Well. It is our intention to extend to all who desire membership at The Well, the open hand of fellowship. This includes an effort on the part of every staff member of The Well to welcome and greet prospective members with warmth and love.
  • For those wishing to commit to the membership process, we provide bi-monthly “Next Level” Membership Seminars as the required training and equipping session for making The Well your church home. These seminars are conducted every other 2nd Saturday from 8:30am to 1:00pm. Childcare care is available upon request.
  •  Through the membership seminar, prospective members are provided information in “text” format as well as by the spoken word, that defines clearly our doctrinal stance, the vision that God has given His church, the mission that we feel we are being called to sustain, and a comprehensive overview of each ministry that is currently functioning under the covering of The Well. Prospective members are encouraged to seek God’s guidance leading to an understanding of their individual gifts, and how they might become involved specifically in one or more of our current ministries.
  • Our ultimate goal is to see everyone settle into God’s intended purpose within the body of Christ; and progress forward into His purpose for their lives.

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