The Home Group Ministry exists for building relationships in the Spirit of love for The Well Christian Community and friends. It is our desire to grow, multiply and evangelize our region to win, consolidate, disciple and send the people of God.

The Home Group Ministry is designed to help church members & visitors gather together in a more intimate setting. Home Groups are modeled after the New Testament Church as described in the book of Acts. From the very inception of the modern church, the Book of Acts shows that home groups were designed for meeting together in homes, building one another in the faith, and reaching the lost. Based on this we come together in fellowship, breaking bread, sharing and studying God’s Word together, & praying for one another’s needs.

Just as Paul likens the church to a body with each member being joined and knit together, it is our prayer that Home Groups are the incubators for developing relationships at The Well. It is our hope that as you develop a stronger relationship with the Lord Jesus and become secure within the body, you will become free to seek out God’s purpose for your life. May you have a rich and successful experience in Home Groups.

Home Group Locations