The Living Well Ministry exists to guide others to proactively seek God’s direction in an attempt to “Live Well.” We will endeavor to uncover guidance from God’s divine plan in directing our path to honor him by caring for the bodies he has blessed us with. Our mission is to provide biblically-based support and guidance in the following areas:


Consider this a special year given to you by God, a year when HE will bless you in new ways. He wants your health and wholeness; trust HIM this year to show you the path to a healthier you!


Assisting in the creation of mindset for the balanced, healthy consumption of food and avoidance of ingesting ANYTHING that adversely affects the optimum performance of the body as a dwelling place for the Holy Spirit.


Providing opportunities for physical enrichment and strengthening of the body, the temple of God.


Consistently supplying detailed plans and support in efforts to cooperate with God in the Divine healing process.

Resource and Research Support

Equipping others with both planning and identification of available support for Care-Giving. [This will include solicitation of Support and Guidance from Intercessory Prayer Ministry as appropriate.]

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