Freedom Prayer (Deliverance & Healing)

Consistent with the vision that God has given The Well, the Freedom Prayer Ministry exists to offer a deliverance ministry that is focused on minimizing the effect of the enemy and seeking freedom from the bondages of evil in the name of Jesus Christ.

The deliverance protocol utilized by The Well’s Freedom Prayer Ministry Team is well defined, documented and very carefully and prayerfully administered. This ministry is scripturally directed, and has its foundation in initiating and fostering sound relationships. The deliverance process is not a counseling based ministry, but rather a ministry based on prayer, repentance, forgiveness, and the knowledge that Jesus Himself is in fact the Deliverer.

We as ministers of His Word, simply serve in an intercessory role, knowing full well that His Word, and the name of Jesus carry with it the power to deliver. That power is available today, just as it always has been and will be forever more.

Biblical Advising

The Biblical Advising Ministry exists to strengthen, equip and impart the love of Christ through biblically based advising. This is intended to provide the care needed during times of crisis or in times of blessing.

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