Doctrine of God

Using scripture as its primary source, this session will give revelation concerning the eternal Godhead. We see one God existing in three persons, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. These three persons are distinguishable but indivisible in essence, co-eternal, and co-equal in nature, attributes, power and glory.

Doctrine of Scripture

Secular arguments that the Bible is “just another book” are common in the secular world. Conversely, we believe this session presents evidence for the Holy Scripture as the inspired and infallible revelation of God totally inspired by the Holy Spirit: so that every word that was written is completely the Word of God.

Doctrine of Revelation

In this series we learn how God reveals himself to His creation. God unveils himself to man and communicates truth to the mind of man which he could not discover any other way. Since the natural mind is unable to fully comprehend the thoughts and mind of God. Through revelation God reveals the mysteries of His heart through His Son and the Holy Spirit.

Doctrine of Christ

Scripture reveals that Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of God, who always existed with the Father and the Holy Spirit, and who by His incarnation took upon Himself the form of man and became the God-Man. He is the long awaited Messiah, the anointed one of God. He is distinguishable but indivisible, so that He is fully man and fully God. He is the only sacrificial mediator between God and us. Come learn about our great Savior.

Comparative Religions

Although not an exhaustive session, this segment reveals and discusses several of the world’s prominent belief systems including Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and modern American cults. It sets up a simple comparison along major doctrinal lines that lead the student to a firm understanding of the truths of Christianity and the errors of other belief systems.

Doctrine of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the third Person of the eternal Godhead. The ministry of the Holy Spirit convicts, inspires, and reveals the Son and Father to the believer. The Holy Spirit also bestows spiritual gifts upon Christians for the purpose of building up the church. As Christians we are part of one body, baptized by the Holy Spirit for the purpose of edifying the body of Christ. In this class, students will come to know, understand, appreciate and experience the person, work, gifts and ministry of the Holy Spirit in his or her life.

Doctrine of Angels

By nature angels are spiritual beings whose chief responsibility is to worship and serve God. Angels are also messengers sent on specific assignments by God. There are two types of angels, elect and fallen. This session will give you a better understanding of angels and their role in Scripture.

Doctrine of Man

Man was created sinless but scripture clearly reveals that sin entered the world because of the self-centeredness and disobedience of Adam and Eve. Associated with this disobedience is a corrupted nature that leads to spiritual death passed from Adam to all his descendants. Because of God’s great love for us He sent His Son to redeem us from the curse of sin.

Doctrine of Sin

Human history and the conscience of man demonstrate the reality of sin in the world. Scripture clearly reveals that sin entered the world through Satan, the great deceiver, and then to mankind with the fall of Adam and Eve. The Bible tells us that sin began with self-centeredness that resulted in death. Because of God’s great love for us He sent His Son to redeem us from the curse of sin.

Doctrine of Satan and Demonology

Scripture teaches us that the origin of sin began with Satan, the great deceiver. Along with Satan is a host of demons who carry out his work. Christ conquered Satan and his kingdom of darkness at Calvary and has commissioned the Church to deliver men from darkness and bring then in the kingdom of light. The ultimate judgment of Satan and his forces will be when they are cast in into the Lake of Fire forever. It is only through the Scriptures that proper understanding of this subject can be gained.

Doctrine of Eternal States

Throughout Scripture, we learn that earth is not our home and that man is visiting earth on a visa. Man is on probation during his time on earth. Those who respond to God’s grace and obey Him will be eternally rewarded in heaven, God’s dwelling place. Those who resist the grace of God do their own will and serve Satan will be eternally punished in hell, Satan’s dwelling place.