Welcome to Christian Living is a course designed for Christians who desire to walk in the power and victory God intends for us to walk in.  In order to enter and abide in victory, it is critical to understand who we are in Christ, the power we have at our disposal, and how to discern between spirit and flesh.  Through the course, we will gain a better understanding of the practical steps needed to overcome and attack the kingdom of darkness by the power of God.  Wherever you are in your walk in Christ, be it a new Christian or an old Saint if you desire to grow and gain more understanding regarding these topics, please join us.


Course Topics Include:

  • The power of Salvation
  • The value of God’s Word
  • Effective Prayer
  • Exposing the “Works of the Flesh”
  • Taking up the “Armor of God”
  • Producing the “Fruit of the Spirit”
  • Becoming effective witnesses and spreading God’s Word