King’s Kids Children’s Ministry

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Why We Are Here

The “King’s Kids” Ministry exists to foster an environment wherein children at The Well explore and learn God’s biblical word through the instruction of teachers who, in submission to the Spirit of God demonstrate the love and character of Christ Jesus.

Who We Are Here For

Our Children’s Ministry at The Well ministers to children who are 1 year old through 5th grade. The children are divided into classrooms by age or grade. We also have a Special Needs classroom specifically designed for children with special needs and their parent or caregiver to use during service time. A TV with live streaming of the service is located in the classroom so that parents and caregivers can enjoy the service. Please note: The Well does not currently provide childcare for the Special Needs class, so a parent or designated caregiver must be present with their child at all times.

What We Are Here For

Our desire for Children’s Ministry is that it be “church for children”. We believe that our children should be exposed to all of the wonderful things that God has for them. At King’s Kids Church, the children learn to honor God with their giving, they learn to praise God in their worship, and they learn more about God and His Word, through our Bible teaching time.

Recognizing at the same time that they are children, we desire to make learning God’s Word fun, and foster an attitude of enjoyment and excitement about coming to church. Our Bible lessons include skits, puppets, music, and visuals that help the children to not only understand what is being taught, but also to help it become more real to them in their daily lives. Our hope is that parents are reinforcing what their children are learning in church, and that they are spending time discussing the Biblical stories and “life lessons” with them.

We are blessed and honored at the opportunity to teach God’s Word to His children – the King’s Kids!