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Prophetic institute

The Prophetic Institute exists to provide an in-depth instruction on the proper understanding of prophecy, its functions, dysfunctions, fallacies and evidential truths. It explores these areas from the standpoint of identifying the foundation of prophetic ministry as well as identifying those called to the Prophet’s office.

The aim of the Prophetic Institute is not to suggest that all students are called to the office of the Prophet but to define the basic elements of introductory and primary prophetic activities. Further, the mandate of the Prophetic Institute is to help men and women fulfill their calling and destiny while empowering them to serve and grow in the Kingdom of God.

School of Prophets in the bible 

It was under the administration of the Prophet/Judge Samuel, that we find the development of the School of the Prophets. In this particular time period, about 1050-931 B.C., there were many false prophets that arose with false mediums of revelation. Samuel, who was raised as a boy by a priest named Eli, established training centers where young men would be taught the Law of Moses, responding to the Spirit of God and worship.

While one cannot be taught how to prophesy, the schools were geared to instruct the sons of the prophets how to flow with the Spirit when He came up them. The trend of preparation for demonstration would leave a legacy for all true prophets from Samuels’ day right through to the ministry of the prophet Malachi. This paradigm serves as an example to all prophets and ministry gifts arising in the last days. We find such institutions located in Ramah, Samuels hometown, Bethel, Jericho, and Gilgal as recorded in 2 Kings Chapter 2:1-6.

The Apostle Paul wrote to the New Testament church in Corinth regarding the guidelines for believers in functioning in the spiritual gifts and especially prophecy (1 Corinthians 14). Below are the guiding principles for The Well’s Prophetic Institute.

guiding principles

To ensure that the prophetic word brings edification, encouragement and comfort to everyone in our church.

The Prophetic Team Ministry will be submitted to the Senior Pastor of the Well Christian Community.

The Prophetic Ministry will be inclusive and in unity with other ministries in the church.

The Prophetic Ministry will ensure proper pastoral care so that people receiving words understand what was spoken and be encouraged to pray and yield themselves to the Word of the Lord.

To raise up passionate, mature, purposeful prophetic people in the local church.

That those in prophetic ministry would understand the signs of the times (sons of Issachar, 1 Chronicles 12:32) and be able to communicate clearly a unified word to the leaders of the church.

To tear down spiritual strongholds through boldly proclaiming the Word of the Lord.

To provide prophetic insight to the Presbytery as they set direction for the church.

Our lives will reflect the testimony of Jesus, so that the spirit of prophecy would be in evidence (Revelation 19:10)

To advance the Kingdom of God by speaking forth His Word with love, compassion and clarity to the lost.

Ministry Leader

Minister Jennifer Case